How we work



All of our projects involve people & buildings and with them comes a rich narrative of stories and histories. Much of what we do as designers is about listening and understanding these stories and responding through design with truly unique proposals.



Model Making

Nothing beats a model, for communicating with clients & contractors. The fact that a model is a three-dimension experience allows for a purer representation of the spaces & objects that we are describing. As we have found them to be so successful, there is usually at least one under construction in the studio at any one time.



Contractors and Makers

We work with a small & select group of main contractors on a regular basis and can help advise you as to the right builder for you requirements. We also have an ever increasing number of furniture makers, paint specialists, carvers, tapestry and textile artists that we regularly collaborate with.




When everything is finished, it is the quality that shows through. We work with contractors who understand our expectations and we spend a great deal of time on site monitoring every section of the process and reviewing every detail.



Cost Control

We always discuss construction budgets and expectations from the very outset to ensure that everyone involved is aware of the financial component. We are regularly completing projects on site and therefore have a good grasp of the cost of construction. We advise on procurement options and help you find the best route for you to fund and deliver the project successfully.